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Advantages of Having Outdoor Lighting

When your property doesn’t have outdoor lighting yet, you should think about installing one today. If your property already looks great in the daytime, you can actually make it look amazing at nighttime with the perfect lighting design. Installing outdoor lighting can offer a lot of benefits and it does not necessarily need to be costly. In fact, this type of lighting can fit several budget types, improving your home’s look, making your house more secure.  

Know where to set up outdoor lighting 

Precisely knowing where to position your outdoor lighting can be done with the help of the experts as they definitely know a lot of techniques that they can use based on your property and several factors involving this. Consulting a professional landscape designer can help you comprehend and determine which technique would work for your place well. A landscaper who knows outdoor lighting are expected to know the appropriate distances, heights, and techniques that can greatly accentuate your home’s features.  

Enhances outdoor living area’s appeal and enjoyment 

Whitten landscaping and designing experts can assist you in terms of selecting outdoor lighting that can boost your home’s curb appeal. Once you’ve invested in outdoor living areas, it’s a must to install outdoor lighting to guarantee that you can maximize its entire area. Once the lighting system is professionally installed, it could be set up for your property’s specific needs. As a result, your lighting designer can concentrate on the spots of your property that will boost your curb appeal.  

Outdoor lighting accentuates architectural features 

The outdoor lighting trends now are more concentrated on aesthetic purposes. Property owners want to accentuate the property’s landscape features and their home’s architectural features. If you want to highlight your outdoor focal points, like decks, fountains, fire outs, fish ponds, and swimming pools, then the best option for you would be to use LED lights. Such lights are quite energy-efficient and long-lasting. Moreover, they can guide the eye to such features if you entertain guests after dark.  

Well-lit outdoor spaces are more secure 

A lot of property owners opt to get outdoor lighting for aesthetic purposes alone. However, most of them haven’t realized that a home’s exterior lighting is a wise choice to discourage thieves while boosting your property’s security. For security lighting to be effective, it doesn’t have to be startling or harsh. A good outdoor lighting designer can guide you in selecting the best fixture that offers both beauty and home security. Apart from deterring burglars, lighting your walkways and steps will make your house a lot safer for you and your visitors especially if it gets dark. 

Increased enjoyment, curb appeal, safety, and security of your property are all of the advantages you can have if you install outdoor lighting. Collaborating with a landscaper who’s familiar with your needs, budget, and property is the key to improve your house.  

If you want to book a consultation with the expert landscapers today, let us know.  

Ways to Effectively Keep Up Your Commercial Landscape

Keeping up a commercial landscape is among the main responsibilities of a business owner. This is a task that needs more thought and action compared to the maintenance required for a residential landscape. It’s basically because you have to make sure that it won’t only look eye-catching and presentable to potential clients, but also safe for them, the public, employees, and all the involved individuals. Without further ado, we have listed a few maintenance tips you can do for your commercial landscape property. 


Each great landscaping design actually involves well-defined edges. They are nature’s most active and transitional components that include everything from fields, land, woods, shade, water, and sun. People tend to walk around the landscape’s edges most of the time. This happens when they are just moving through another person’s walkway, walking through their yards, or maybe just walking on the street. It’s vital to incorporate eye-catching edges in your residential or commercial landscape so that it can easily be walked on.   

Landscaping edges guarantee that the plants are secured against damage and are well maintained. Plus, they surely serve as a way of adding beauty to the landscape. Having the right landscaping edges also aids to secure people who visit your place as you can keep them from potentially falling, getting injured, and tripping. On the contrary, when you use them improperly, landscaping edging potentially damages the plants while foot traffic or vehicles comes into contact with them. As a result, your plants could look disorganized and messy.  


Applying the appropriate practices to keep up your landscape is definitely important most especially if it involves commercial properties. It would take the right equipment for maintenance and planting tasks like pruning. Similar to your landscape, your equipment must be maintained well and in great condition—with sharp blades for pruning. Moreover, they have to be clean so that you can guarantee that the plants that take over your landscape will be healthy and won’t be harmed. The ideal practice as you keep up your landscape plants is to have sharp and clean blades so that damage that will be done as you prune would just be minimal, causing the plants to heal more easily. Take note that well-maintained tools can also keep diseases from spreading to plants.  


If you want efficient and effective maintenance tasks and landscape care, make sure that the timing when you do all of them is systematic and organized. Meaning, you need to book for commercial landscaping maintenance at the perfect time so that you can maximize the effect that you’re aiming for. Also, you should provide your plants the mulch that they need, prune them, and water the plants that occupy your landscape just at the best timing to do so for them to grow and survive. Eventually, it’ll help you save resources, money, and time. Take note of the plants’ development cycles utilized within your landscape. Consult a reputable landscaping company Yarmouth MA today to be guided. 

Easiest Vegetables to Grow for Beginners

If you want to enter the world of planting, now is the perfect time for you to do so because you will have all of the time in the world since all of us in the world are asked to remain inside or home or property and avoid talking or getting in direct and personal contact with people because of the virus that is ruining the lives of people. Since you are in your home, you should grab this opportunity to know how to plant and to know its basics so that you can grow whatever you want to grow in the future. This would be easy because you would be able to research from the internet on the best things for you to do to grow your own personal garden.  

Professionals like Clipper landscape really recommends you to research more about planting and growing different plant before you start so that you will have an idea what are the materials that you will be needing in the process. Equip yourself with enough knowledge and basic gardening materials and tools in order for you to start planting and growing your own garden. You will not be successful about planting if you do not what you are doing so it would be best for you to explore the internet for many articles and tutorials that you could follow as a first timer.  

For the professionals, they would recommend you to plant a garden of vegetables because you would benefit from it and there are so many vegetables that is easy to plant and grow especially in the hands and capacity of a beginner in this field. In this article, we are going to list down the easiest vegetables to grow for beginners.  

  • Cucumber 

This vegetable is something that you always buy from the grocery store, right? So why not plant your own? Even if you do not have that big of a garden, you can still have cucumbers growing in your little space since this plant can grow in vertical position. They say that the best cucumbers are the ones that have been exposed to direct sunlight.  

  • Carrots 

Carrots is a staple food. This is best as a side for a meaty dinner or a heart lunch but you do not know how easy it is to plant a carrot. You can easily plant this on the ground and just make sure that there is not too much water in it so that worms will not attack it and just a few weeks, you can enjoy them on your plate.  

  • Bell Pepper 

Sticking to theme of salads, bell peppers are very easy to grow. Just make sure that it receives as much sun as you could give because they flourish in this kind of environment which will give you big, juicy and luscious bell peppers that you could use for cooking and eating. Never forget to plant this in your garden. 

Always remember that the best salads are the ones that came from your garden.  

Best Plants to Grow for Beginners

Since the beginning of the restrictions made possible because of the pandemic that our world is facing as of today, people are looking for new hobbies to enjoy especially now that almost everyone is staying on their homes and everyone is asked to stay inside their property and avoid contact with other people aside from those that are in their homes in order to stay safe. Many people have discovered new hobbies during this quarantine but many has also enjoyed planting. Yes, planting vegetables, fruits, flowers and other plants have been the favorite chore and hobby of most people experiencing quarantine which is amazing because aside from finding new ways to entertain themselves they have helped the environment by adding more and more plants that keeps the air and ground healthy. 

Planting new trees and other plants is a great help in improving the current condition of our mother earth. Thus, if you are looking for new ways to keep yourself busy then you should consider planting according to professionals, Mashpee landscaping. There are so many plants that you could plant and it would definitely be fun for you if you try it. Do not get afraid of not being able to grow a garden out of this because there are many easy plants to grow and take care of that would be very perfect for you since you are a beginner in this matter. 

Here in this article, here are the best plants that a beginner can plant. We truly hope that this article we have created will be a big help for you in educating you ang giving you more information about planting that you need.  


This plant is an easy plant to grow in your garden and they could give you there are pretty blooms during the summer which will definitely bring brightness into your property because of their beautiful colors of red, gold and yellow. These colors definitely prove that this plant is an eye catcher and a good option to grow in your garden.  


Even if you are a beginner you cannot go wrong in growing a begonia in your own garden because this is a plant that you could just hang in baskets in your garden in any place of your garden because this kind of plant can survive both the shade and the sunlight so you could decide where you would like to put it because it would look good everywhere.  


If you will still like to see some flowers in your garden even if it is not the summer anymore then you should include this plant in your garden because you could see its blooms during the fall, winter or spring.  


Of course, you love sunflowers but you are just afraid that you cannot grow them but you are wrong because this is one of the easiest plants to grow in the garden. You can choose the big or the small variety of this plant which are both equally beautiful.  

Once you get a hang of planting in your garden you can choose and add more plants that you like.   

Why Should Your Custom Home Have Landscape Design?

Now that most property owners as resorting to custom houses, our neighborhoods are excitingly innovating. However, custom construction can usually be the talk of the town and can be popular within an area, making it challenging to concentrate on anything else if you have another decision to make all the time. As you weigh the advantages you can gain from different trimmings and upgrades you can access, you should always think outside of the box. Here are the following reasons why your house should be incorporated with a landscape design and its benefits. 

Expert landscaping can help preserve your investment 

High-quality landscaping is beyond just an aesthetic appearance—it’s the practical choice as well. A professional landscaping team is expected to be updated about the proper grading requirements and bylaws. So, you can prevent plausible expensive drainage problems. The building and designing procedure highly consider the water’s direction. This is vital to protect you and your neighbors from issues like foundation problems and flooded basements along the way. With this in mind, we highly recommend you to protect your investment by hiring the experts. This way, you will definitely enjoy your new house without any issues and interruptions in the future.  

Landscape design improves the home’s distinct character 

The best part of having a customized house is that it’s unique and exceptional. If the house reflects your personality, taste, and your lifetime, it will definitely stand out in your neighborhood. As soon as the house is fully constructed, the landscape can either make or break the established character of a house. We believe that landscaping must accentuate the features of the house. Remember that each landscape design detail of your front yard can affect the curb appeal of your house. Hence, you should make all of them count.   

The landscape and home are intended to complement each other 

If you’re considering a customized home, then a custom landscape is a must. If you have collaborated with your home builder to choose your home’s color palette, finishes, and design carefully, it’s only reasonable to make sure that your landscape matches as well. If you hire a qualified landscaper in Mashpee MA, you can guarantee that they will consider your property’s style, tones, materials, and shapes to make a perfect transition between the backyard design, the home interior, and the front yard landscaping.  

The landscape and home can be constructed simultaneously 

During customized home construction, your landscape designers could collaborate with the builder. This enables some of the landscape and home’s features to be customized and tweaked to perfectly work together. Hence, you need to search for a landscaping company that can work with the builder to guarantee that your home’s exterior features make the outdoor area as practical and beautiful as possible while making sure that it complements the design.   

It can help increase your home value 

Sure, not all landscaping projects are equal when it comes to returning. However, the expert designers and landscapers can recommend which improvement can help you yield a high ROI should you plan to resale your house.