Share Your Thoughts On Literacy Leadership

Last spring, IRA charged a committee to investigate national and international practices used for evaluating teachers and assessing teacher effectiveness. The committee, charged by Dr. Rita Bean of University of Pittsburg and Dr. Annemarie Jay of Widener University (both KSRA members), met for the first time at the IRA Conference in May in New Orleans. Since then, tasks were set and the committee has been busy collecting information.  A survey was constructed and the committee is asking for help from all IRA members (through their state/provincial councils) to take the brief survey (15 questions) and encourage their colleagues to take it as well. The survey asks how teachers are evaluated, who evaluates them, and what impact reading professionals have in helping teachers implement best practices. The committee chairs are asking that the survey be returned to them by November 1, 2014. They appreciate the participation of all general and special education teachers, reading professionals, and school administrators.

Click here to access the survey.