KSRA Council Awards

KSRA Council Awards

2015-2016 Council Awards Documents

Exemplary Council Award

Exemplary Council Award Criteria:

  • Click here to access a checklist you can print for keeping track of your completion of criteria.
  • Click here to access the online form to be used to notify Council Awards Chair of final completion of criteria.

1. Council Calendar Submitted to Professional Development Committee for Act 48 (completed by Professional Development Committee Chair) – September 30

2. Council Calendar (completed by Regional Director) – September 30

3. Council Membership Plan

4. Legislative Action Plan – September 30

5. Annual Meeting Delegates List (completed by KSRA Vice President) – November 30

6. New Officer & IRA Membership Information (completed by IRA State Coordinator) – April 15

7. Attendance at KSRA Board Meetings (completed by KSRA Secretary) – June 30

President’s Leadership Award

President’s Leadership Award Criteria:

  • Click here to open and print a paper checklist for keeping track of your work.
  • Click here to complete online checklist to notify awards chair of your completion of criteria.

1. Governmental Relations Chair Attends KSRA GRC Meetings (completed by KSRA Secretary) – June 30

2. Three Council Projects – April 15

3. Two Additional Officers Attend KSRA Leadership Workshop (completed by KSRA Secretary) – June 30

4. KSRA Conference Volunteers – KSRA Conference

5. Optional Council Project (optional) – April 15

6. Partnership with Another Council (optional) – April 15

7. Increase in Local Council Membership (optional) – June 30

ILA Honor Council Award

Looking for information on ILA’s Honor Council program? You can find the information on their website (www.reading.org) or by clicking here. (Note that ILA will be posting these criteria in late summer 2016, due to enhancements to the ILA website.)