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Families and Reading Materials Now Available

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1bookAs we endure the cold months of winter, the hope of spring may help to get us through. Now is the time to begin to prepare for Families and Reading Month this April. The 2015 materials are now available. Click here to access them!

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Proposed KSRA Bylaws Changes

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Proposed KSRA Bylaws Changes

When the Board of Directors met in September, Marcie Craig Post, IRA’s Executive Director, made a presentation to the Board about the roles and responsibilities of a Board of Directors. After the presentation, the Board broke into small groups to discuss the implications of this presentation for KSRA. A subsequent vote authorized the work on a new set of Bylaws for the Keystone State Reading Association.

Over the past several months, Jane Helman and I, with consultations from Eleanor Gensemer and others in KSRA and in discussions with Marcie Craig Post and utilizing the template provided by IRA, developed the proposed bylaws which are attached. Our goal was to develop a fiscally responsible organizational structure that will enable KSRA to function effectively and efficiently as we face the challenges of both the present and future, while maintaining what has made our organization a strong and vibrant one. We are especially proud of the close working relationship between our local councils and the state organization and are committed to maintaining this while changing our governing structure.

Though time is short, we hope you will take a few minutes to look at the following documents prior to Saturday’s meeting. On Saturday, January 24, we will present more background information and there will be much time for small group and whole group discussion. Our current bylaws require that proposed changes in the bylaws be approved by a vote of ⅔ of the Board of Directors at two consecutive meetings of the Board. Ideally, if we are to change our current governing structure, it would be helpful to have the new bylaws approved by the start of our next fiscal year, July 1, 2015.

The following documents are included for your study of the proposed new bylaws:

  • An annotated copy of the proposed bylaws providing some explanation and rationale.
  • A document highlighting the major differences between the current bylaws and the proposed bylaws.
  • A document listing the policies and procedures that should be adopted in the coming year to implement the proposed bylaws, if approved.

We look forward to sharing this with you on Saturday. If you should have any questions or comments that you would like to share prior to that meeting, please feel free to contact Eleanor, Jane, Julie, or myself.

Eleanor Gensemer – ewgensemer@comcast.net

Jane Helman – helmanj.ksra@yahoo.com

Eric MacDonald – ecmacd@gmail.com

Julie Wise – juliebwise@comcast.net

Click each of the document names below to access that document:


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