Since the beginning of the restrictions made possible because of the pandemic that our world is facing as of today, people are looking for new hobbies to enjoy especially now that almost everyone is staying on their homes and everyone is asked to stay inside their property and avoid contact with other people aside from those that are in their homes in order to stay safe. Many people have discovered new hobbies during this quarantine but many has also enjoyed planting. Yes, planting vegetables, fruits, flowers and other plants have been the favorite chore and hobby of most people experiencing quarantine which is amazing because aside from finding new ways to entertain themselves they have helped the environment by adding more and more plants that keeps the air and ground healthy. 

Planting new trees and other plants is a great help in improving the current condition of our mother earth. Thus, if you are looking for new ways to keep yourself busy then you should consider planting according to professionals, Mashpee landscaping. There are so many plants that you could plant and it would definitely be fun for you if you try it. Do not get afraid of not being able to grow a garden out of this because there are many easy plants to grow and take care of that would be very perfect for you since you are a beginner in this matter. 

Here in this article, here are the best plants that a beginner can plant. We truly hope that this article we have created will be a big help for you in educating you ang giving you more information about planting that you need.  


This plant is an easy plant to grow in your garden and they could give you there are pretty blooms during the summer which will definitely bring brightness into your property because of their beautiful colors of red, gold and yellow. These colors definitely prove that this plant is an eye catcher and a good option to grow in your garden.  


Even if you are a beginner you cannot go wrong in growing a begonia in your own garden because this is a plant that you could just hang in baskets in your garden in any place of your garden because this kind of plant can survive both the shade and the sunlight so you could decide where you would like to put it because it would look good everywhere.  


If you will still like to see some flowers in your garden even if it is not the summer anymore then you should include this plant in your garden because you could see its blooms during the fall, winter or spring.  


Of course, you love sunflowers but you are just afraid that you cannot grow them but you are wrong because this is one of the easiest plants to grow in the garden. You can choose the big or the small variety of this plant which are both equally beautiful.  

Once you get a hang of planting in your garden you can choose and add more plants that you like.