If you want to enter the world of planting, now is the perfect time for you to do so because you will have all of the time in the world since all of us in the world are asked to remain inside or home or property and avoid talking or getting in direct and personal contact with people because of the virus that is ruining the lives of people. Since you are in your home, you should grab this opportunity to know how to plant and to know its basics so that you can grow whatever you want to grow in the future. This would be easy because you would be able to research from the internet on the best things for you to do to grow your own personal garden.  

Professionals like Clipper landscape really recommends you to research more about planting and growing different plant before you start so that you will have an idea what are the materials that you will be needing in the process. Equip yourself with enough knowledge and basic gardening materials and tools in order for you to start planting and growing your own garden. You will not be successful about planting if you do not what you are doing so it would be best for you to explore the internet for many articles and tutorials that you could follow as a first timer.  

For the professionals, they would recommend you to plant a garden of vegetables because you would benefit from it and there are so many vegetables that is easy to plant and grow especially in the hands and capacity of a beginner in this field. In this article, we are going to list down the easiest vegetables to grow for beginners.  

  • Cucumber 

This vegetable is something that you always buy from the grocery store, right? So why not plant your own? Even if you do not have that big of a garden, you can still have cucumbers growing in your little space since this plant can grow in vertical position. They say that the best cucumbers are the ones that have been exposed to direct sunlight.  

  • Carrots 

Carrots is a staple food. This is best as a side for a meaty dinner or a heart lunch but you do not know how easy it is to plant a carrot. You can easily plant this on the ground and just make sure that there is not too much water in it so that worms will not attack it and just a few weeks, you can enjoy them on your plate.  

  • Bell Pepper 

Sticking to theme of salads, bell peppers are very easy to grow. Just make sure that it receives as much sun as you could give because they flourish in this kind of environment which will give you big, juicy and luscious bell peppers that you could use for cooking and eating. Never forget to plant this in your garden. 

Always remember that the best salads are the ones that came from your garden.