International Involvement

ILA Honor for Local Councils (ideas for International Involvement)

ILA Guidelines                                                   Application

To earn Honor Council status, councils must choose two of the following:


A. International Literacy Day

Participate in an International Literacy Day celebration, September 8.

B. ILA Membership

Sponsor an IRA membership for someone in an economically developing country. Currently this costs $69. IRA designates who will receive the membership. Download the forms from the IRA website (ILA Membership). Form 4B

C. Worldwide Literacy

Contribute to worldwide literacy effort by providing materials, funds to purchase school supplies, or assist with costs related to the professional growth of teachers. Download the form from the IRA website Form 4C.

D. International Literacy

Conduct a project that will promote literacy in another country. This project may involve a partnership with other agencies, such as Peace Corps, Red Cross, Rotary, etc. Suggestions are made below.

E. International Partnership

Establish a partnership with an international council. Examples include: sharing professional information, providing teaching resources, communicating virtually, etc. A listing of all international councils with contact information is on the ILA website.

F. USA Declared National Disasters

Councils may donate any monetary amount, specific to libraries and schools, related to declared national disasters.

Websites for Donations to International Projects

Peace Corps Partnerships

Peace Corps volunteers across the globe initiate projects for which they need funds. Many of these are literacy/education projects. You can choose which project you want to donate to and stay in touch with the volunteer as the project develops.


UNICEF is active in “hot spots” around the world, providing food, immunizations, and education for children.

Save the Children

A non-profit organization dedicated to children’s well-being. It supports education projects in many different countries.

 Rotary Clubs International

Education and literacy is one of the six areas that the Rotary Club focuses on. They have many international literacy projects looking for funding.

 Free the Children International

A non-profit children’s organization dedicated to children’s well-being worldwide. Donations may be given for particular education projects.

The project is building a community based preschool. The members of the community are hoping to build a one-by-two classroom block with two office spaces and a veranda. The community consists of approximately 50 small homes, and children must walk 8 kilometers to school crossing a river on the way.
Classes will include literacy, math, social studies and science, and two teachers will be hired. The local community has cleared the land, made the bricks, and gathered other crucial building materials. They are asking for a total of $5000 to fully fund their project.

Websites for International Classroom Exchanges

KSRA members may want to involve their classrooms in international exchanges. The following websites provide information for teachers seeking classroom exchanges.

Global SchoolNet

This free service connects teachers and students worldwide to collaborate on literacy projects.

The Global Classroom Project

Classrooms can connect, learn, and share globally.

School and Classroom Program of People to People International

Another website that can help teachers and classrooms connect to other classes world wide.

World Wise Schools

Connect directly with a Peace Corps volunteer in another country. Classes can exchange videos, emails, and stories with a volunteer, learning about another culture. If the volunteer is a teacher, the exchange can extend to the volunteer’s students.

Classroom Exchange

Students can connect with one another, write and share stories, and collaborate on projects with a matching international classroom.

Educators Overseas

Connect your classroom with an International School in any region you choose. Students can use Skype, email, Facebook, or even traditional letters!