Book Apps

IntroducingBook Apps

KSRA’s Education Resource Development Committee announces a new resource:  Book Apps.

We thought about calling our resource:  Book Reviews that Teach to the Test.  Sounds awful, doesn’t it?  No, we hope that educators don’t “teach to the test,” but all of us want our students to do well. Whether it is PSSA, Keystone Exams, or the next test on the horizon, let’s use materials that are engaging.  Let’s introduce students to texts that will make them think, make them feel—fiction and nonfiction that will hold their interest and maybe–just maybe–promote that love of reading that we all care about so much.

So here’s the first installment.  The books are organized from primary, to intermediate, to secondary.

We’d love your feedback.  Please tell us if you use one of the reviews and how it works for you.  Give us ideas for other books and book ideas we could publish on the website.

Thanks for reading.

The Education Resource Development Committee

Karen Davis, Chair

Sue Francis     

Andy Morrison

Sue Mowery    

June Shultz     

Mike Williams 



The Educational Resources Development Committee has reviewed requested and popular literary selections in combination with the PA standards and their accompanying eligible content. When the Common Core standards are implemented, the change will be reflected in this resource.  The purpose of this resource is to help teachers teach Eligible Content within the context of texts that engage students.


Format – (what it looks like and how to use it)

Resource – Grade Range

Book brief

Cross-curricular Connections

Pennsylvania Eligible Content

Possible uses

Like the PSSA Help Cards, this resource is meant to be adaptable to teacher and student needs.  It can:

–       Provide help in selecting a book from which multiple pieces of eligible content can be taught

–       Be used to teach a particular piece of eligible content based on student needs