KSLA Writing Style Guidelines

KSLA uses the American Psychological Association’s style guidelines for all printed material. If you write anything for KSRA or for your LOCAL COUNCIL, please be sure to use the APA format.
All publications for KSLA should be sent for proofreading by publications co-chairs Hollie D’Agata and Jane Helman, who try their best to catch errors. It is highly recommended that local councils also choose someone to proofread in order to avoid embarrassing mistakes. All printed material should be professional.

Where to find information:

To access information for the new 6th edition, please refer to the following websites:

1. The Owl at Purdue University
A complete format guide is available.

2. American Psychological Association’s APA Style Website Clicking on ?What?s New in the Sixth Edition?? takes you to a page where there are also two free tutorials.

3. Download a wonderful APA PowerPoint Slide Presentation