Newspapers in Education

“To reach our youth, you cannot offer just one thing in one place. You must have multiple offerings in multiple places, tailored to their needs and to the unique attributes of each platform. That is both good and bad news – lots of work, but many ways for you to catch their attention.” This is a quote from the NAA Foundation study, Fitting Into Their Lives, which lists many practical tips for parents and teachers concerning media. This is just one of the pieces of information contained on the Newspapers in Education section of the KSRA website.

NewsMarch 4-8, 2013

Newspaper In Education Week is celebrated annually during the first full school week in March. This year, the American Press Institute is partnering with the Newseum on curriculum that emphasizes the newspaper as an educational resource.

Lessons focus on the following topics: (Click on the headings below to access the lessons.)

Newspapers In Your Life

  • What’s News Where?
  • The First Rough Draft of History

In The Newsroom

  • The Fairness Formula
  • Planning for the Unpredictable

Media Literacy

  • Where News Comes From
  • Evaluating the News

Common Core Standards Alignment Chart

Common Core Standards


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